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Mario Infantado

Mario Infantado

Principal Consultant
Pterra Partner

Mr. Infantado is a partner of Pterra, LLC who has over 25 years of experience in electric power system studies and operations. He has been involved in transmission and distribution studies for transmission and generation interconnection projects, conducting load flow analysis, dynamic stability simulation, short circuit analysis, harmonics analysis, and thermal and voltage transfer analyses to analyze operating limits and transfer capabilities of existing power grids.

He had been a lead engineer involved in power substation projects, in commissioning, troubleshooting and preventative maintenance of power equipment, protective relays, metering, instrumentation, control and communication systems, and as a generalist oversaw technical aspects and logistical management of capital, physical, and human assets in large engineering projects.

Mr. Infantado brings to Pterra’s clients his wealth of background and experience to enable the efficient and effective conduct of detailed planning and operational studies of transmission and distribution systems, and to provide timely and responsive delivery of analytical results and reports.

He is also a programmer who optimizes the application of analytical methods to system studies using Python and Visual Basic Application among other programs. He is proficient with power system tools such as PSS/E, TARA, PSLF, ASPEN OneLiner, ASPEN Distriview, and Synergee.