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Ketut Dartawan

Ketut Dartawan

Managing Principal
Pterra Founder

Mr. Dartawan is a Co-founder and Managing Principal of Pterra, LLC. He has 20 years of experience in power system studies. He has directed and participated in numerous analytical studies on electrical transmission and distribution. He has managed and conducted over 100 system impact, siting, generator deliverability, distribution and transmission studies in the United States and other countries involving proposed solar PV installations, wind farms, among others.

Mr. Dartawan has extensive experience with substation equipment and has worked with equipment vendors during the design, commissioning and startup of a 230 kV transmission line and associated substations. He has performed and directed power flow, transfer analysis, short circuit, transient stability, protective relaying, motor starting, power factor correction, and voltage regulation studies. He is proficient in the use and application of power system tools used in many utilities such as PSS/E, MUST, TARA, ASPEN ONE-LINER, PSCAD, PSLF, SKM, ETAP, EasyPower, SynerGEE, ASPEN Distriview, CYME and EPRI Open-DSS.

Mr. Dartawan has published over 20 technical papers and is a reviewer for technical papers of IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery.