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Jyno Christian Andrei Bauan

Jyno Christian Andrei Bauan

Power System Consultant

Jyno Christian Andrei Bauan serves as a Power System Consultant at Pterra Philippines Inc., with a primary focus on the specialized domain of electric power system analysis. Within his professional purview, Mr. Bauan actively engages in a spectrum of research endeavors and undertakings that pertain to the generator interconnection and transmission planning. Mr. Bauan possesses a high level of proficiency in employing sophisticated analytical simulation tools, notably including Siemens’ PSS/E and Power-Gem’s TARA software, to perform rigorous assessments encompassing power flow, contingency analysis, and transfer analysis.

Furthermore, in his prior roles, Mr. Bauan held the esteemed position of a power plant engineer at few prominent power plants in the Philippines. In these earlier capacities, his primary responsibilities were dedicated to the effective management of outages, meticulous asset oversight, and the diligent maintenance of high-voltage electrical systems, highlighting his extensive and multifaceted expertise within the power industry.

Areas of Focus. Steady-state analysis, contingency analysis, transmission injection studies, interconnection feasibility studies, distribution impact studies