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Johanno Wibowo

Johanno Wibowo

Senior Consultant

Mr. Wibowo is a Power System Senior Consultant who has worked in various transmission & distribution system planning and operation studies as well as feasibility studies of power-related infrastructures. He is experienced in interconnection studies, technology implementation assessment, and system expansion planning studies in the generation, transmission, and distribution systems. These studies have utilized his skills in power flow analysis, contingency analysis, fault studies, transient stability simulations, and financial modeling.

His recent projects include Study of BESS Implementation for Peak Shaving in West Kalimantan, Feasibility Study of Transmission Line for Pangulir Gold Mine, Interconnection Study of 2×100 MW Biomass Power Plant in West Kalimantan, Feasibility Study of Centralized Control Center for Java-Bali system, and Review of Electrical Power Business Arrangement in Java-Bali.

He is proficient in utilizing several commercial and open power system software such as PSS/E, ETAP, Digsilent Powerfactory, and PyPSA. He is also capable of building study automation with Python and VBA.

Areas of Focus: Demand forecast with econometric model, generation & transmission expansion planning, economic dispatch & unit commitment, financial modeling, power system analysis & study automation, programming.