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Cherry Mae Bautista

Cherry Mae Bautista

Project Manager

Ms. Bautista is a Senior Consultant who has engaged in different projects involving analytical studies mostly for the transmission and distribution planning sector. She is experienced with varied transmission studies including, but not limited to, network studies, site technical assessment, and interconnection studies for new generation, transmission systems or power system expansion and also system reliability and impact studies for ISOs. She also performed compliance reviews for numerous power plants in the US which are in accordance to NERC Standards which includes validation of synchronous machine, and power plant dynamic control. These studies have utilized her skills in power flow, contingency analysis, transfer analysis, dynamic model data tuning, short-circuit, and transient stability simulations.

Her recent projects include grid impact study for a hydroelectric power plant, technical study for load and generation management of non-transmission alternatives, assessment of public policy-driven transmission needs for offshore wind, validation of models and data for excitation and turbine/governor controls as required by NERC standards, and transmission planning study for development of offshore wind plants.

She is proficient in using different commercial power system applications software such as PSS®E, TARA, PSLF, ETAP, PowerWorld, Aspen Oneliner, PSCAD, and OpenDSS. She is also proficient with visual basic for applications language.