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Scopes of Work

Pterra was founded to provide premier consulting services exclusively for the electric power industry. Most of Pterra engagements are per diem, best effort contracts with an agreed upon scope of work, schedule, set of deliverables and budget limit.

Distributed Generation Integration

Integrating renewables such as photovoltaic cells, wind turbines and fuel cells in distribution systems. Pterra’s analyses may include assessment of islanding issues, steady state power flow, voltage regulation, short-circuit impact, protective relaying and coordination, power quality (flicker and harmonic), power factor control, system stability, grounding, and ground fault overvoltage.

Strategic Assessment

Technical and management advice based on our knowledge and experience and focused on future investments involving power generation, equipment, transmission and distribution grids.

Network Studies

Large-scale network analysis and application of power flows, short circuit, contingency analysis, stability simulations and other power engineering calculations.  .

Voltage Control and Reactive Power Studies

These studies may have objectives such as: avoiding voltage collapse, specification of static var devices and sizing and allocation of capacitors.

Fatal Flaw studies

Assess the transmission requirements for a new power project using a quick but accurate analysis. Identify potential transmission fatal flaws before you get too far along on project development

Site Assessment

Compare the transmission impacts for several interconnection points for a proposed project.

Feasibility studies

Assess the thermal and voltage requirements to interconnect a proposed power project using a specific model of the transmission network closest to that used in an impact study, and taking into account sensitivity to other power projects under development and contingencies that determine specific impacts.

Interconnection Studies

In support of new generation or transmission interconnection. Studies may include contingency analysis, short circuit calculation, stability simulation, transfer analysis, torsional and prony analysis, power quality and switching transient analyses.

Links to sample Pterra impact studies posted on the web:  Combined Cycle Plant in Louisiana,and Wind Farm in Carson County, Texas.

Expert Testimony

Our staff members have provided expertise in proceedings before the Federal Energy Regulatory Board, state commissions,private and commercial arbitration and civil cases. From white papers, technical opinions, to direct and oral testimony, Pterra has provided that strong expertise, experience and knowledge that made for vital and decisive proceedings.

Model Development

Special models for new devices and processes, or models that are not available in a standard library. Pterra will help you write a special user model compatible with the most popular software. Share functionality without giving away proprietary information. Examples of model development include static var compensator with high-speed capacitor switching, synchronous motors and composite load models.