Introducing Our Principal Engineers’ Talk at PSCAD UGM 2023, Boston!


Join us at PSCAD UGM 2023 in Boston, where our Principal Engineers will unveil a compelling case study. A load break switch’s unexpected failure during a vital task led to an extended arcing event, triggering a single line-to-ground fault. Using PSCAD/EMTDC simulation, we examined the interrupter’s transient recovery voltage (TRV). In a restrike scenario, the transient current surged to 1000 A, and the peak line-to-ground voltage spiked to 2.20 p.u. Notably, the computed TRV reached 536 kV post-restrike, surpassing the interrupter’s 480 kV TRV capability rating.

This study highlights two key recommendations:

  1. Enhanced Operational Protocols: For interrupters without capacitive switching ratings, review and refine switching procedures.
  2. Empowering Line Charging Interruption: Explore interrupters with capacitive current interruption capabilities to handle unloaded transmission lines.

For the full slide set and deeper insights, contact us at Don’t miss this illuminating presentation shaping the future of power engineering!