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Development of Dynamic Models for Submission to Regional System Operator

Client: Pacificorp

Pterra was contracted by PacifiCorp to compile, document and check system dynamic model data for submission to the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (“WECC”). In coordination with PacifiCorp Transmission Planning, Pterra reviewed existing data provided to PacifiCorp by generator owners and compiled appropriate synchronous generator model data. Synchronous generator, exciter, governor/turbine and power system stabilizer model data were developed consistent with NERC MOD-012 requirements.

PacifiCorp compiled dynamics data for the western control area power plants. For the generators owned by PacifiCorp, the data comprised of generator test reports from various engineering test firms. Model parameters for each generation unit were taken from the corresponding test reports. Data were adjusted as required for tuning or software compatibility purposes. For other power plants, the data available ranged from fairly complete data to little more than nameplate values.

Pterra conducted several tests of the models for each generating unit. These tests included comparison of typical range of values, step response tests on the excitation system and governor/turbine models, and disturbance response tests on a sample system. Pterra adjusted the model parameters to represent field conditions and to improve the numerical performance. A total 59 generating units were evaluated.

Pacificorp submitted to the models to the WECC.

Figure: Block diagram for an IEEE excitation system.