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PTI, we sing to thee, scene of peace and harmony; Watch the mind of each PE, spouting forth technology; We will toil from dawn til night that our brethren may delight; In a life of wealth and luxury, in a life of wealth and luxury

As you all can plainly see we have grave responsibility; In our role supervisory making corporate policy; Yet despite this awesome charge we must yet our jobs enlarge; Doing work upon computer keys, doing work upon computer keys

See the rich TAG retirees, engineers we also please; Money goes to employees like it grew on Christmas trees; Precious left for we PEs, there is not to us appease; In our life of pain and misery, in our life of pain and misery!


There’s a lot of inside references. Just a few: PTI – Power Technologies, Inc., the leading electrical consulting firm of the 70s and 80s, PE – the original founders of PTI, TAG – Technology Assistance Group, comprised of power engineer retirees, apparently rich. The recording is courtesy of Lionel Barthold. Enjoy!