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Scopes Of Work

Pterra is an independent provider of consulting services and technology solutions.

Analytical Studies

Pterra conducts different power system analytical studies.


Pterra applies the appropriate in-house or commercial software to the specific study needs.


Pterra was founded to provide premier consulting services exclusively for the electric power industry. To specific analytical or expert matters, Pterra’s Principals apply over 100 years of cumulative industry experience to find creative and innovative solutions and resolutions. Our Principals come from diverse backgrounds in power system operations, transmission planning, electrical design,distribution analysis and software development. And yet, our work is fully independent of manufacturing, software, utility, project developer and other entities participating in today’s energy markets.

New Posts

Benchmarking Phasor and EMT Models for Inverter-Based Energy Resources

  • October 28, 2020
  • by admin
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By Francis Luces, Ric Austria Power projects planning to participate in the wholesale market are required to undergo impact studies as part of the interconnection application process. The studies, as a minimum, evaluate the performance of the projects under instantaneous,…

Network Equivalents for the Power System Engineer

  • February 19, 2019
  • by admin
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By R. Austria, M. Gutierrez, F. Luces Very popular pre-2000, when computer processing bandwidth was at a premium and engineers had more time to put together study information on the desktop (the wooden one, not the one filled with integrated…

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Pterra’s experts will help you find creative and innovative solutions that can only come from decades of cumulative experience.

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We offer a unique blend of capability, skill, experience, and commitment.

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