Voltage Stability Course – April 2010

IMG_6468-1024x952Held in Albany, NY

We had a full class, with active participants. It was fun to teach and hopefully it was also fun to have been a participant in the course! The participants gave an overall rating for the course of 4.86 out of a possible 5.0. Thanks! Also, everyone did a great job on the test reviews. Thanks for the effort!

Some of the comments:

  • “Enjoyed pace of teaching. Just enough technical explanation with focus on real world example.”
  • “Good interaction with students, good idea to try and spur class discussions.”
  • “This was like one on one training. I’ll be back for another.”
  • “Slow down …”

Oops, were we going too fast? Hmm. Maybe next time we’ll add a clutch under the table so participants can slowdown run away instructors!

Someone nixed posting of the class photo, so we will make do with a generic picture. We’ll post selected sound recordings of the course later on. Also, the course workbook is available for purchase. Please send an email to info@pterra.us for inquiries.