Updated Fall 2010 Schedule and Sample Course Notes

There has been a change in the schedule for two courses this month as follows:

  • Aug 17-14, 2010 – Dynamic Simulations Analysis and Applications Course
  • Aug 24-26, 2010 – Voltage Stability Analysis and Applications Course

We will be travelling offsite for these courses. Sorry, but these are closed for registration. If you would like to schedule a course at your venue, please contact us at info@pterra.us.

You can now view a sample of the Workbook for the Voltage Stability course. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what to expect from the course.

Also, we have added a new course on Underground Cables to the schedule. Underground cables are a development option for many of today’s situations, such as to connect nearby substations, as entry to an already congested substation, or in urban settings where underground transmission or distribution is the only alternative. The course covers major cable system types including extruded, self-contained fluid-filled and pipe-type, as well as an understanding about elements of design, manufacturing, installation and operation. This is a joint course with Electrical Consulting Engineers, P.C.

So now, the updated schedule is as follows:

To register for a course and for more information, including fees, course outlines and instructor information, click here.