Testimonials from Previous Course Participants

Pterra has been conducting training courses since its inception in 2004. Below are some of the testimonials made by course participants.

"Very good course. Dynamics examples were very useful. excellent instructor. Subject matter expert." - an attendee from the First Energy
"It was done very coherently. the hands on part was tough, but I felt like I got something out of this course." - an attendee from the Southwest Power Pool
"Learning about causes and solutions to voltage stability were my primary goals. Achieved!" - an attendee from FMPA
"... As a system operator I gained valuable insight on how to operate a system in a voltage stable state." - an attendee from ITC
"The instructor is extremely knowledgeable in power system analysis and application of voltage stability." - an attendee from FMPA
"Very knowledgeable and good communicators. Very good student interaction. Great content! I think this course was bang-on!" - an attendee from the Cargill
"I liked the presentations and how the presenters used their own experiences when we were in the appropriate topic." - an attendee from Tri-State G&T
"Exactly the course I was looking for - answered lots of questions I had. the hosts were very knowledgeable and friendly."- an attendee from the EirGrid
"I learned so much more than I expected. Very enjoyable location too, i.e., Albany." - an attendee from the EirGrid
"All instructors proved to have expert knowledge." - an attendee from EirGrid
"Instructors are very accessible and genuine." - an attendee from the WE-Energies