Linear Power Flow Analysis and Applications

In the accelerated environments of today’s electric energy markets, fast analyses of power flows are a must. Emerging real-time and day-ahead markets require that analysis of infrastructure capacity be performed in a compressed timeframe. In this context, approximate but fast and consistent power flow solutions are preferred over accurate but unwieldy ones. Hence, the increasing popularity of linear approximations to the power flow. The reason for widespread use may have to do with the fact that linear methods are much easier to apply, are not subject to convergence issues, and require less data.

In this introductory course, learn about the technology of linear power flows and apply them to real-world practical problems. Use this technology in applications such as anticipatory analysis of pricing and demand signals, transactional analysis of power interchange and delivery, transmission loading relief and feasibility analysis. In addition, learn about the limitations to these methods and the pitfalls to watch out for when applying these methods. Come away with a working knowledge of the technology of linear power flows.