Intro to Python Programming

Pterra’s next offering in power system training is coming March 25-27, 2014 on the topic “Introduction to Python Programming.”  We are holding the course in sunny (hopefully) and warm (relative to the rest of the country) Tampa, FL and our instructors, who’ve been preparing for most of the winter, are raring to get started.

Python is an open-source, platform-portable programming language that is used as a command and scripting language by some of the more popular software used for electric power system analysis.  Hence, the benefit of taking this course is in learning the basics of the language itself, and how to apply it to utilize analytical software more effectively and efficiently.

In this two-and-a-half day course, we will cover:

  • Python Variable and Data Structures
  • Tuples and Lists
  • Python rules and programming styles
  • Iteration and Flow Control
  • Python String and Formats
  • Modules, Methods and Classes
  • Python Input and Output\
  • Python interface – using user specific programs
  • Accessing data
  • Data Retrieval and Changing
  • Recording GUI actions and modification with Python
  • Customized Text Input / Output
  • Python – Communication with MS Excel for reporting
  • Adding activities using Python

As with all other Pterra courses, the focus is on practical applications to real world power system problems, hence, up to half of the course time is allocated to guided hands-on exercises in direct interaction with the course instructors.

Pterra is proud to offer this new course to power system engineers.  Limited seats are still available.  For information, contact