Our Staff

Pterra is comprised of a committed and dedicated group of professionals. Each of our principals have extensive experience in the power industry and have leading technical roles in their fields of specialization in electric power. In addition. Pterra staffs projects with capable technical personnel of proven skills and commitment.

Ric Austria : Executive Principal, Pterra founder.

Ric Austria

Executive Principal, Pterra founder.

Over thirty-five years experience in electric power transmission and distribution planning, operations, analysis, design and engineering, and brings this knowledge to help clients worldwide in the power industry. He is an expert in the specialized fields of system reliability, transmission planning, integration of distributed generation, solar generation and battery resources, energy markets and system analysis. ... Read More
Ramon Tapia : Managing Principal, Pterra founder.

Ramon Tapia

Managing Principal, Pterra founder.

Over 40 years of experience in transmission planning, operations and software development. He has led and conducted transmission studies nationwide and overseas to assist Transmission Owners and ISO's to develop sound solutions for the planning and operation of their interconnected power systems.... Read More
Dr. Moises Gutierrez : Principal Consultant, Pterra Founder

Dr. Moises Gutierrez

Principal Consultant, Pterra Founder

Dr. Gutierrez is a founder of Pterra, LLC and has more than 40 years of experience which includes interconnection studies, transmission access studies, power system expansion studies, dynamic modeling, dynamic analysis of power systems, feasibility studies, substation layout studies, switching and lighting surge analysis, transformer and induction machine model reduction, software model development, and teaching engineering and software courses.... Read More
Ketut Dartawan : Managing Principal, Pterra Founder

Ketut Dartawan

Managing Principal, Pterra Founder

Managing Principal. Founding member of Pterra, LLC. His background is in power system studies, electrical measurements and relay testing having participated in numerous analytical studies on electrical transmission systems in the US interconnections as well as several other countries. He has extensive experience with substation equipment and has worked with equipment vendors during the design, commissioning and startup of a 230 kV transmission line and associated substations. He has performed and directed power flow, short circuit, transient stability, protective relaying... Read More
Mario Infantado : Senior Consultant, Pterra Partner

Mario Infantado

Senior Consultant, Pterra Partner

Mr. Infantado has over 25 years of experience in electric power system studies and operations. He has been involved in analytical studies for generation and transmission interconnection projects in transmission and distribution levels, conducting power flow analysis, dynamic stability simulation, short circuit and harmonics analyses, and thermal and voltage transfer analyses to analyze operating limits and transfer capabilities of existing power grids. He had been a lead engineer in power substation projects involved in commissioning, troubleshooting and preventative maintenance of power equipment, protective relays, metering, instrumentation, control and communication systems. ... Read More
Anthony Austria : Consultant

Anthony Austria


Mr. Austria has been with Pterra since 2007 as a student intern, junior engineer and now Consultant. His areas of expertise include power flow, transfer analysis and transient modeling, and has applied his skills to studies involving the integration of new generation, primarily solar and wind, as well as the transmission studies of large interconnected networks. His recent work involved power exchange capacities among South Asian countries of India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal, as well as between the various Indian states. He has also been active in studies of transient and temporary overvoltages and voltage flicker of solar inverters.... Read More
Amin Mahdieh Najafabadi : Senior Consultant, Pterra Partner.

Amin Mahdieh Najafabadi

Senior Consultant, Pterra Partner.

Mr. Najafabadi is a Senior Consultant with Pterra focusing on electric power system control, analysis and design. His experience includes studies of distribution circuit relaying and protection, transmission system stability, high levels of penetration of photovoltaic (PV) generation and high inrush current devices on distribution networks, and voltage flicker mitigation, among others. He has a solid background in power system modeling and analysis, and has used different programming languages and commercial software to develop power system models and to conduct analysis of real world reliability and technical issues.... Read More

More of Our Team:

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