About Pterra


To specific analytical or expert matters, Pterra's Principals apply over 100 years of cumulative industry experience to find creative and innovative solutions and resolutions. Our Principals come from diverse backgrounds in power system operations, transmission planning, electrical design, industrial analysis, software development and equipment manufacturing. And yet, our work is fully independent of manufacturing, software, utility, project developer and other entities participating in today''s energy markets.  In all our engagements, Pterra's Principals are committed to excellence, quality and timeliness. Our small business approach to service offers you flexibility in adopting to your specific needs and one-on-one communications with our staff.


Our Mission


To be the leading provider of advanced technology solutions to the electric  power industry by understanding changes in, and the overall direction of, the electrical power industry as it evolves in the competitive marketplace.





Pterra is wholly owned by its member partners and is independent of manufacturing, development, software and utility interests.  


Our Vision


To provide creative and novel answers to our clients' power system needs, both present and future. To undertake every engagement with efficiency and creativity, always seeking improvements in current practices, and continuously exploring new ideas, thereby providing our clients with the most innovative solutions.


The Name

The name "Pterra" derives from the Latin term "Pacem in Terris" meaning "peace on earth." It reflects our company''s philosophy that the workplace environment be based on truth, justice, charity and freedom. We can work together for and in peace.

Meet Our Staff:


Ric Austria

Executive Principal.Pterra founder. Over thirty years experience in electric power transmission planning, operations, analysis. Over thirty years experience in.


Dr. Moises Gutierrez

Principal Consultant. Founding member of Pterra, LLC and has more than 30 years of experience which includes interconnection studies.


Ramon Tapla

Managing Principal.Pterra founder. Over 30 years experience in transmission planning, operations and software development.


Ketut Dartawan

Managing Principal. Founding member of Pterra, LLC. His background is in power system studies.